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Updated: Jul 15

Sheltering in place due to COVID-19 has helped me to rediscover my love of books and prose writing. Which is to say, I've found myself writing much more prose than scripts these days. And, I think I might actually like it better than I do screenwriting. Gasp! Yeah, I know. I mean, I initially got my BA in English with the idea of becoming an author. But then screenwriting fell into my lap. And with the current state of the world, and the constant uncertainty of the entertainment industry, I find solace in writing short stories. At least with short stories I can write my vision and put it out into the world without having to wait months or years for someone to buy it and/or give me funding to make it like within film and TV. And who knows, maybe I can still pursue a career as an author... one day. Regardless, since I don't consider myself in the same league as the many amazing authors who have published works both online and in print, I've decided to share my short stories, flash fiction, and essays right here on my blog. It probably won't even get read. And, I doubt anyone comes to my website besides me. But I'm doing it anyway.

If you do happen to read this and are interested in reading some of my prose work, then come back on Fridays for flash fiction-- Flash Fiction Fridays (is that even a thing? If not, it should be!). I'll do my best to post short stories or essays weekly, but flash fiction is shorter and easier for me to get out more consistently. Either way, I hope you enjoy and I hope you return for more of my writings.

Much love.


***Previously published 06/30/20***

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