• Elliott Feliciano

Flash Fiction Friday - Maybe Tomorrow

TW: depression, suicidal

I wrote this flash fiction piece back in January. I fell into a deep depression and was contemplating suicide. I was too afraid to follow through with it. To get out what I was feeling, I turned to writing about it. It helped me feel a little better and see things through a new lens.

Maybe Tomorrow

by Elliott Feliciano

Tito steps onto the railing of the bridge. One foot, then the other. He sways a little, losing his balance. He catches himself and hangs tight onto a beam. 

He looks down at the rushing water below as it smashes against clusters of tiny mountains. A car speeds by and honks its horn, startling Tito. He clutches the beam tighter now.

He takes a deep breath. If the next car that drives by is red then I’ll jump, Tito thinks.

A maroon car passes.

“Okay. If the next car is blue then I’ll jump,” he says aloud to himself.

A turquoise car speeds past.

Frustration seeps in. “If I get a phone call in the next five minutes from a loved one, then I won’t jump,” he says.

He waits. A few minutes later his phone buzzes in his pants. He fumbles through his pant pocket, pulls out the phone, and checks the caller ID. Sallie Mae. Annoyed, Tito sends the call to voicemail and shoves the phone back into his pocket.

By now the sun is setting and the wind grows cold. He checks his watch and sighs. “Maybe tomorrow’ll be a better day to die.” He carefully steps down from the railing.

While making his way down the bridge back to his car, his phone rings. It’s his best friend Annie, the ying to his yang. “Wassup, boo! I’m hungry for tacos. You doing anything right now?”

Tito looks back at the bridge, “Nah, not anything worth mentioning.” He continues to walk and talk with Annie, making plans on which taco joint to meet.

***Previously published 07/10/20***

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