30 min
Dramedy Pilot

Jazzy is a single mother who, after a bad break up with her girlfriend, hides the pain with partying and drugs and in turn neglects her teenage daughter. Her world is turned upside down when she receives a fatal medical diagnosis and struggles to confront her new reality while hiding the biggest secret of her life from her loved ones.

30 min
Dramedy Pilot


Eli, a clinically depressed trans man whose suicide attempt goes wrong, hires Nestor, a bipolar kid from group therapy with homicidal thoughts, to do the deed for him. But Eli has second thoughts when things start to turn around for the better. When Nestor goes MIA and doesn't get the memo to stop their plan, a reckless bounty hunt ensues. (Killing Eve meets Barry but make it more queer and trans.)

30 min
Dramedy Pilot
(the tv series adaptation of my short film, To Be With You)


Alex, a trans man, is engaged to be married in a few months. But his world is turned upside down when his college crush/former sorority sister, Mari, returns to town, bringing back every feeling he’s ever had for her. When he finds out the feeling is and always was mutual, he has to figure out what it is or rather who it is that he really wants.

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